Sellers Information

Applications for the October 5th market are now closed. All applicants will be advised early next week. For cancellations, please email.

General Information

All items for sale must be original, modern, handmade items made by the person selling them or someone close to them or they can be quality vintage items and in some cases craft supplies.

Costs for stalls available below.

If you are a musician/entertainer and would like to book a spot at the market, please email.

Future Application Dates
November 2nd AND December 14th will open October 6th - 10th (5.00pm)
If you would like a place at the small market on Windsor Reserve as part of the Devonport Christmas Festival (Dec 7th), please email.

NOTE: There will be no second market in November as there has been in previous years.

Table Prices
1m stall inside - $20
2m stall inside - $30
3x3m stall outside - $30
Table hire $10
Each stall is provided a chair

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah on 021 273 3862